Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Look Beautiful but Stay Comfortable for Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are extremely popular during the summer months, but brides often worry about how they're supposed to stay comfortable, yet look classy on the big day.

Throw on those beach wedding flip flops and head down the aisle without fear.

Here are tips for how to look beautiful but stay comfortable for your beach wedding

Beach Wedding Dress - When you have a beach wedding, you have to choose a dress that isn't too long. Otherwise, it will drag in the sand. Look for a wedding dress that is a shorter style, but still long enough to make you feel comfortable.

For more advice, check out this guide to choosing a beach wedding dress.

Beach Wedding Flip Flops - Wearing flip flops to the wedding is one way to ensure your comfort. Beach weddings are a great excuse to get a fancy new pair of flip flops.

You can even get them custom made to match your dress and wedding colors. These custom made flip flops are perfect for the occasion. 

Beach Wedding Hair - Since it will most likely be hot during your beach wedding, you will want a hairstyle that doesn't make you feel hotter than you already are.

Think about putting your hair up in a simple ponytail or an up-do. Even though the style may be simple, you can add accessories, like these DIY shell pins, to enhance the look. 

Beach Wedding Accessories - You will want accessories for your wedding that look nice, yet still go with the theme of a beach wedding. A seashell necklace or bracelet is perfect for that.

Diary of a Mad Crafter has a terrific tutorial about making your own pearl in a shell necklace

Beach weddings are beautiful and you can easily look amazing, yet be comfortable on your beach wedding day. Choose the right dress, flip flops, hair style, and accessories, and you will be ready to walk down the beach with ease, and be comfortable doing it. 


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