Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wedding Decoration Trend: Balloons

Nothing says festive like balloons! Balloons are inexpensive and easy to come by, so why not use them to decorate your wedding reception? Here are some ways to incorporate balloons into your d├ęcor.

Ceiling – Balloons filled with helium can spruce up a banquet hall or ballroom. As It’s a Bride’s Life shows, black and whiteballoons hanging from the ceiling can surprisingly look sophisticated. Just be sure to have a ribbon hanging down or another way to retrieve the balloons after the event.

Tree - For a daytime outdoor wedding, balloons hanging from a tree can mimic the look of serene paper lanterns. The trick here is to put a marble in the balloon before inflating it to have it hang down.

Lace Balloon – Here’s a way to make balloons dreamier – add lace. Style Serendipity describes how to add lace to a white balloon to add texture and romance. Note, the lace makes the balloons too heavy to float, however, they look lovely when hanging downward.

Luminaries – For this DIY project, balloons are used to create luminaries. While you will pop to balloons to create the luminaries, the shape and glow of these candle holders are worth it. These luminaries are created by dipping balloons in melted wax. After the wax cools, the balloon is popped and removed to make a lovely candle holder for your wedding reception decoration.

Along with these luminaries, a personalized wax lantern at the head table will add mood lighting to your reception.

Balloons don’t need to make you feel like you’re at a carnival. When done in white or subdued colors matching your wedding, balloons can be an inexpensive and whimsical element of your wedding decoration.


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