Friday, October 12, 2012

A Barbeque Themed Wedding Style Guide

If you want your wedding to feel like one backyard get together, a barbeque themed wedding may be just your style. Whether you have a casual style party or a more upscale reception, there are plenty of options for having a barbeque themed big day.

Reception Tables – If you opt for a casual style, red and white gingham tablecloths are an obvious place to start. Or, Country Livingshows a long rustic table option. To get this country style, use Flower Bouquet Reception Vases to place wedding party bouquets down the center of the long table. Don’t the sunflowers and lanterns look wonderful? The bandana napkins are a great way to add a subtle nod to the cookout theme.  

Self-Serve Drinks – This North Carolina bride cleverly used a vintage wheel barrow filled with ice to serve drinks. Tip: if the bottles aren’t twist off caps, be sure to tie an opener to the wheel barrow handle.
Barbeque Food – For a barbeque style wedding, the food is a make or break element. Real Simple lays out a menu for you if you (or a friend) are up for cooking for your reception.  With all the other wedding tasks happening on your big day, it may be a more realistic option to have the food catered by best local bbq joint in your area.
Hot Sauce Favor – If you like to cook, but the reception food is too big of a task, or if you are DIY bride, why not make you own hotsauce as a favor? Giver’s Log provides you with templates for labels for your bottles. Just keep in mind hot can vary by taste buds, so it may be best to steer clear of any hot sauce recipes with “blazing” or “fiery” in the name.

If the relaxed pace of the South is your style, a barbeque themed wedding may be for you. Would you host a barbeque themed wedding?


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