Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Use Live Plants in Your Wedding

Cut flowers in your bouquet or decorations may be beautiful, but they will only last one day. Using live plants in your wedding is a great alternative to cut flowers, because you can keep them as a memory of your big day.

Hanging Baskets –Using hanging baskets is a lovely way to decorate for you wedding. If you are having an inside reception, you can hang the baskets above the tables to add a sense of height. At an outdoor celebration, you could hang potted flowers from tree branches or shepherd’s hooks. Trailing ivy or other cascading plants look beautiful in hanging baskets. 

Succulent Bouquet and Boutonniere – Succulents are tough, so you can use them in your bouquet or boutonniere and then after the ceremony place them in a pot of soil to get them to take root. If you don’t want an entire bouquet of succulents, you can tuck a few cut flowers in to add some color.

Centerpieces of Planted Roses – Potted roses are a simple yet lovely centerpiece for your reception. Luckily, you can find small pots of roses in a wide variety of colors. Budget Bride shows grouping small potted roses and herbs in burlap for added impact. 

If you are going to pay money for flowers for your wedding, why not buy live plants that will last longer than just one day?


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