Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Vases for Your Wedding Decoration

Your tables at your reception are a major decoration element. Whether you decide to use flowers, candles, or a combination of both on the tables, there are many fun options for the containers used to display them. Here are just a few ideas.

Bottles as Taper Candle Holders – Whether you go for a gothic look, as Hot Pink Land shows, or more of a Italian restaurant vibe, dripping candles give a romantic look. There are candles specifically made to drip, or look for ones that do not say “dripless.” Be sure the candles are not in a place where candle wax will do damage or have something like a place mat under them. (You don’t want to have to pay the rental facility for any damage).

DIY Glitter Vases – Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Adhering glitter in a color coordinated with your wedding, or in a classic silver or gold, takes vases from plain to fancy. With glittery vessels, you can keep your flowers simple. 

Wooden Vase DIY – If you’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy, surely you’ve seen the lovely rustic looking vases wrapped with bark. If you like the woodsy look, but don’t have access to a forest, Sincerely Kinsey shows you how to make your own vases using wood grain look scrapbook paper. Great for a country style wedding!

Vases as Favors – Rather than one big vase in the center of the table, why not group these bud vase favors together. These vases can serve double duty; holding colorful flowers, candy, or other items as a decoration and then as a gift for your guests to take home. 

Vases can be much more than just a container. Which creative vase would you use to decorate your wedding reception tables?


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