Thursday, June 07, 2012

Wedding Day: Special Touches when Getting Ready

Getting your hair and makeup done, putting on your dress…these are all memorable moments of your wedding day preparations. Adding some extra touches to the room while to your getting ready will help set the mood for your big day. Below are some ideas for making your wedding preparation time special.

Wire Name Hanger – Your wedding gown is no ordinary dress, so it deserves more than an ordinary hanger. Why not create a custom name wedding hanger?  

Light a candle – Help set a romantic mood by lighting a candle. The soft glow of a candle will help relax away any pre-wedding jitters. 

Flavored water –The big day calls for more than tap water, so jazz it up. Bring some flavored water with you to sip on while preparing for the ceremony.   

Fun Music – Music sets the tone! Create a playlist on your iPod to play during your hair, makeup and dressing. Your music can be upbeat or mellow, depending on what mood you want. Skybride suggests some songs you may want to add to your list.  

Getting ready for the wedding ceremony is a time to treasure. Be sure to incorporate special touches.

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