Thursday, June 28, 2012

Planning a Formal Beach Wedding

When planning a beach wedding, you can either go casual or formal.  Here are some ideas for a formal seaside ceremony.

Invitations – Invitations are guests’ first impression about your wedding, so use the style to set the tone. For example, this invitationshown on Martha Stewart Weddings has a formal look with a fancy script font and gold writing, but the shell at the top adds the seashore theme.
Chairs for Guests – During casual beach weddings, guests typically stand during the ceremony. Having chairs at your beach wedding is not only a convenience for the guests, but adds a more formal flair by creating an aisle.
Coral Bottle Stopper Favor – This coral-looking bottlestopper favor immediately adds class to your reception. The shiny metal and white color scheme are timeless.
Your beach wedding should reflect your personal style. If you consider yourself traditional, a formal beach ceremony can blend the appeal of the ocean with time honored wedding style.

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