Monday, June 04, 2012

Wedding Attendant Duties: How to Decorate the Going Away Car

One of your responsibilities as a wedding attendant is to decorate the going away car (although the groom probably won’t mention it). No need to save rusty cans for a loud and old fashioned string of cans tied to the bumper. Today there are a lot of classy, modern ways to decorate the wedding getaway car.

Wedding Window Cling – This modern window cling can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and is available in many colors. This decoration method looks great and is easy to apply and remove from the car.  

Pom Poms – Martha Stewart shows how to create colorful pompom streamers than attach to the car using suction cups. The pom poms mimic the traditional cans behind the car without the clanking.

Banner –This sweet banner is double duty; it can be used as a photo prop and then later added to the car. The Sweet Occasion shows you how to make the ‘Just Married’ banner

As a wedding attendant, decorating the getaway car can be a fun way to surprise the wedded couple with something special.

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