Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ways to Decorate the Aisle for Your Wedding Ceremony

Walking down the aisle is your big entrance – so you want it to make a statement. While your dress and bouquet will determine your look as a bride, the aisle sets the tone of the ceremony. 

Here are some ways to decorate the aisle to create the mood you desire.

Pinwheels – If your goal is whimsical, pinwheels are a fun way to go. To be sure the pinwheels go exactly with your wedding colors and vision, make them with scrapbook paper, as Green Wedding Shoes shows. Some pinwheels are merely decorative, while others have mechanisms for movement. Wouldn’t pinwheels that turn gently in the breeze be fun for an outdoor wedding?

Candles – For a romantic atmosphere, nothing is as dreamy as candles. Style Me Pretty shares an image of floating candles in large glass vases. You can also just use large pillar candles in the vases, but the water for the floating candles adds a lovely reflection of the light, upping the romance factor.

Rose Covered Aisle – Your outdoor wedding may not have a defined aisle, so you are on your own to create the illusion of one. Flower petals are a simple way to do that. Many florists are able to provide rose petals. Martha Stewart’s version of the flower petal aisle is stunning, but you don’t need such dense petals to create a beautiful effect. 

Personalized Aisle Runner – Are you a classic bride? Then a personalized monogrammed aisle runner is your style. You can use an aisle runner inside or outside, and the look is timeless. 

Walking down the aisle is one of those moments girls dream about. These aisle decorations will help you have the wedding you have imagined.

Which of these aisles do you like the best?


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Cindy Rutberg said...

My favorite is the rose-covered aisle 'cause I want to walk on a bed of roses in my wedding day.:) But I must admit that the personalized aisle runner got my attention too. I like monograms and I want to use the concept in my wedding ceremony supplies as well.:))