Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Make Wedding Invitations Stress Free

Picking out flowers, deciding on a reception menu, listening to potential bands or DJs…as a bride, you’ve got a lot to think about, and it can be overwhelming. 

Don’t let sending out your wedding invitations be stressful. Here are some tips on how to make the process go smoothly.

Buy invitations – Select invitations that go with the feeling of your wedding. A fancy wedding calls for more formal invitations, while a more casual event can have a less formal invitation to reflect the ambiance.

Still feeling overwhelmed? The All Tied Up invitation will fit either scenario. It can be used for a formal wedding when printed on white paper with a gold ribbon, or a casual wedding when printed on colorful paper.

Return Cards – Project Wedding shows a neat trick for tracking your RSVP cards. Before sending them, number your guest list and add the corresponding number to their RSVP card using this invisible ink.

If the guest forgets to fill out their card before returning, you can use the provided black light to find out who the card belongs to. Sneaky! 

Address – Want your invitations to look lovely, but don’t have hours to learn calligraphy? Here are two ways to make the addresses look like handwritten calligraphy without the hours of writing.

A Charming Occasion shows you how to write addresses using a fake calligraphy technique, and Wedding Bee shows how to print the addresses in a calligraphy font and then trace over it with pen. 

Weigh Invitations– You don’t want to end up getting your invitations returned. Weigh your invitations before mailing to be sure you have enough postage on them. Most invitations will require extra postage.

And don’t forget to ask the Post Office for wedding themed stamps.

Extras – If you have a couple of invitations left over, send on to the President and one to Mickey Mouse. While neither will likely attend, both will send you a letter of congratulations. What fun!

You’ve got enough to worry about with your wedding; don’t let the invitations be one of them. 


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It's surely exciting to send an invitation card to the guests. With the help of those tips, creating wedding invitation designs would now be hassle free. Thank you.