Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Card Holder Ideas

In addition to having a table or designated spot for wedding guests to place presents, it is a good idea to have a specific holder for cards. Often cards contain gift cards or cash, and are easy targets for others to take. Even if all your guests and reception workers are totally trustworthy, it is also easy for cards to get lost in the stack of presents. Here are some ideas other than a just a plain box to include in your reception décor.

Old Suitcase – A small vintage suitcase is a fun way to collect your cards. In this example from Ruffled, decorated chipboard letters are pinned to the suitcase pocket to let guests know the luggage is both decorative and functional.

Photo Frame –Using four matching photo frames can be easily attached together to create a unique cardholder.  The frames can include images of the couple or a scrapbook paper that matches the wedding theme.

Bird Cage – A bird cage have the advantage of being able to be used as reception décor that can later be used in your home décor. After the wedding, try placing a potted ivy plant or staggered candles.

A wedding card holder will ensure you don’t lose any of your gift cards at your reception.


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