Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths are at events from weddings to charity events these days. Giving guests a place to create a special memory from the event is a fun idea. Here is what you will need to create a festive photo booth for your wedding.

Backdrop – This Vintage Scroll backdrop canvas is great for an elegant look. If you prefer a more casual look, you can hang yardage of burlap or a solid fabric. 

A Way to Take Pictures – While most people have camera on their cell phones these days, so they can use that to take their own images. However, if you are technically savvy, you can set up your laptop to take the photos and a printer so the guests can immediately have a memento. The Offbeat Bride provides a good overview of the technology you will need to go this route.

Props – Props are a fun way to get guests to relax and get candid shots. Check out your local thrift store for fun hats and other accessories so the photo subjects can play dress up. Or, Oh Happy Day offers free printable artwork of hats, bunny ears, glasses and more that you can print out and attach to a dowel.

The photo booth trend looks like it will be here to stay. Will you have a photo booth at your wedding?

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