Monday, May 07, 2012

Ideas for Wedding Cake Alternatives

Let them eat cake! Or, maybe not. Are you looking for a unique alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake? Cupcakes and cake pops are popular alternatives, but here are some other ideas you may not have considered.

Cheese tower – Cheese towers have been popular in England for some time; why not bring the trend stateside? A cheese tower is a fantastic alternative for receptions that slant more towards a cocktail party than a sit down dinner. Cheese is perfect for guests to nibble on throughout the event. 

Ice Cream – If you are having a summer wedding, ice cream is a fun option. Try setting up a do-it-yourself ice cream bar with various toppings. Or contact your favorite local ice cream shop; many have carts they will bring on site to serve your guests.

Pie Table – Wouldn’t a table full of pumpkin, pecan and other pies be a great idea for a fall wedding? For other times of the year, pies made from in season fruits or cream pies are good options. 

Almost any treat in a tiered shape or on tiered plates – Cereal bar treats, doughnuts, alcohol…just about anything can be a wedding “cake” if it is shaped as such. Check out Poptastic Bride for inspiration.

And just because it is an alternative to cake doesn’t mean you can’t have a topper! For cake top ideas, see our selection of wedding toppers.

Perhaps you and your partner have a favorite treat you can incorporate into your reception’s dessert. Don’t be afraid to try something other than the traditional wedding cake

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