Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Honor a Deceased Relative in Your Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be a joyous and happy occasion. However, when a precious loved one is not able to share your special day, you may be very aware of their absence. Here are some creative ways to honor a deceased relative on your wedding day.

Incorporate a photo charm in to your bouquet or boutonniere – As seen on Brooklyn Betrothed, adding a simple photo charm to your bouquet is a way for you to remember your loved one. 

Display a Memorial Candle – Add a Memorial Candle along with your Unity Candles, or set the Memorial Candle on its own display table. A framed photo of the deceased adds a nice touch, especially for those guests who may have not had the pleasure of ever meeting your family member.

Include them in the Program – Intimate Weddings suggests adding a special note in the program about your loved one, or even including their favorite quote or poem. 

It is heartbreaking not being able to share your wedding day with someone who has passed away. Hopefully honoring them in your ceremony will help ease your pain.

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