Monday, April 09, 2012

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

If you are interested in adding a DIY project to your wedding, favors are a great place to start. They can be made relatively inexpensively, and can easily be personalized to match the colors and theme or your event. Why not gather your attendants together for a girls’ night or wine, chatting, and favor making? Here are some ideas for your DIY party favors.

Tea Bags – A handmade blend of tea sewn into a coffee filter makes a cute tea bag. This favor would be a comforting gift for fall or winter weddings. The Tea Purse shaped favor bag is the perfect presentation. 

Bird Seed – You and your partner are birds of a feather. This bird seed heart shaped favor will delight your guests and their backyard feathered friends. Learn how to make them on Intimate Wedding’s blog.
These love bird favor tags go along with the bird theme. 

Candy Filled Favors – These sewn candy filled packets are as sweet as the contents. Use thread to match your wedding colors

If you are ready to tackle a DIY wedding project, favors are a fun way to get started.

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