Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Cake Ideas And Styles

The wedding cake is the center of attention in any reception. The cake can bedazzle the guests and create a fun atmosphere. Your cake can be any style that matches your taste and your wedding style and personality. There are unlimited design possibilities today for wedding cakes and the bakeries are willing to work with you to create your dream wedding cake.   If you’ve watched the show “Cake Boss” then you have seen that anything is possible. Buddy, the owner and head baker, can make the most amazing cakes of any style and shape that will go beyond your wildest dreams and anything you can imagine. He has made cakes from six to eight tiers high and any shape imaginable.

There are some basic styles of wedding cakes. There is the Retro style which is very different, using bright colors, and different shapes. Vintage is old-world inspired, rustic, and elegant. Victorian style are frilly, extremely fancy, and proper. Classic is your more traditional white icing, flowers on each tier, and a bride and groom wedding topper. You can choose a modern style. Check the wedding magazines and see what is hot now. Now it’s the sharp edges, sleek cuts, and corners, and an all over smooth appearance. Beach theme cakes have been a big hit this past summer, with lots of seashells, fake seaweed, and tropical plants. Thanksgiving time holds some of the most gorgeous designs with bright reds, oranges, leaves and the popular gourds which create a lovely design for any type of fall or Thanksgiving wedding. Christmas and New Years have some of the most glamorous cakes. Bakers love to be inspired by the glitter of ornaments and ice blue is very appropriate anywhere on the cake. You can always add nice touches like snowflakes and poinsettias to polish it off for a very festive holiday look.

Make sure you communicate with you baker exactly what you want in a wedding cake and work with them to come up with ideas that will make your reception a hit but at the same time not break your wedding budget. You will always remember your wedding cake so even if the cake is not real expensive, you can still add a personal touch to the topper or ornaments that is meaningful to you.

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