Monday, September 07, 2009

How To Save Money On Catering Your Wedding

Having a reception, what type of reception and how much you can spend on a reception are very difficult decisions in planning your wedding. There are so many thing to consider, how many on your guest list, the best time to have a reception, the place of the reception and whether you should use a full service catering company are all decisions you have to make.

It is best if you and your future spouse work together to make these decisions. This can especially give the groom a chance to be involve in the wedding planning, as the male guests most likely want to know want kind of food they will be served if they attend the wedding.

We have prepared a good article about how to save money on catering your wedding that you will find helpful in planning your reception.

You can also find many wonderful reception ideas from and then look for ways that you can fit the reception into your budget.


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