Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

A Bachelorette Party doesn’t have to be a night out to the bar or involve a male stripper.  If you want to keep your last party as a single lady classy, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate with your gal pals. Here are a few ideas:

Beach Party – Live near the coast? A day spent on the beach can be a fabulous way to spend some time with your besties. You can make it upscale, like the party shown by 100 Layer Cake, complete with a tent and bonfire.
Or, go for a more casual affair with a picnic and classic beach games like Frisbee. Don’t forget a tank top for the bride.
Winter Wonderland Party –If you want a girls’ weekend, but flying to Vegas isn’t your style, why not rent out a cabin for the party? Being cozied up by a fire will be sure to prompt lots of fun storytelling and bonding time.
Cooking Class – A cooking class allows for a fun yet functional event. Better yet, at the end of the class you’ll have something to eat, so planning an extensive menu for the party isn’t necessary.
Even though nightclubs and crude games aren’t your thing, every bride deserves a special night out with her friends. Which idea is your favorite?


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Winter Wonderland Party sounds really interesting! Good idea!

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Honey Harlow said...

A cabin in the mountains would be a fantastic place to hold a bachelorette party. The weather is so much nice in the summer so an excellent way to enjoy outdoor activities for the bridal shower.