Monday, November 04, 2013

Have a Ski Lodge Wedding

Are you and your fiancé avid skiers? Or are you looking for a cozy lodge atmosphere, no matter what time of year? Take advantage of the large stone fireplaces and warm environment ski lodges typically have for your wedding.

Here are four ways to have a ski lodge wedding.

Outdoor Wedding in the Snow – You’ve got your love to keep you warm, so get married outdoors in the winter. The wedding party is wrapped in color coordinated wraps to keep away some of the chill. Although best for short ceremonies, image how romantic the lightly falling snow would be. 

If you opt to stay inside, ski lodges usually have plenty of stunning rooms inside for you to say your “I Do”s. 

Guest Book Skis – What a creative and memorable way to keep track of who attended your lodge wedding – have guests sign antique skis that can be displayed in your home for years to come. 

Hot Chocolate Bar – Keep your guests warm with a hot chocolate or coffee bar. Offer a variety of options to mix in, such as marshmallows, whipped cream, syrups and maybe even some Bailey’s cream. Yum!

Cake Top – Of the only thing you love as much as your partner is skiing, show your enthusiasm for the sport with this fun ski themed cake topper. For added fun, perch the figure at the edge of the cake top instead of the middle. It will look as if you are about to ski down the snowy cake.
Ski lodges are often already beautifully decorated with rich colors and rustic touches, so the additional decorations you will need to add will be minimal. A lodge wedding can be an incredibly romantic way to start your life together.

Which ski lodge ideas would you use in your wedding?


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