Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal Tips

The wedding rehearsal is an important step in planning a beautiful wedding! The rehearsal typically takes place the night before the ceremony at the place where the ceremony is to be held. The bride, groom, officiate, attendants and musicians should also be at the rehearsal. It is good if other family members such as parents, grandparents and parents of children who are participating in the wedding also attend.

Since the rehearsal dinner is often held after the rehearsal itself, everyone will be anxious to practice their roles so they can relax and enjoy the dinner. Your wedding party works hard to make your wedding special so any appreciation you can show to them will be nice.

Because it is important to know exactly where everyone should stand during the ceremony, start by positioning them in the correct location. You may place small pieces of tape on the floor to mark the spots. Practice how the bride, groom and attendants will enter and exit the ceremony. When everyone is positioned to satisfaction, the officiate will go through the order of service, including readings and songs, and make clear what types of signals he will use to cue the next item of service. This is also a good time to advise the special guests who will be escorted into the ceremony (parents, grandparents, etc.) where they will be seated and who will be their escort. Practice the processional (entrance) and recessional (exit) with the music so the bride, groom and attendants will measure their pace with the timing of the music.

After rehearsing the ceremony a few times to make everyone involved feel comfortable with their assigned roles, you will feel confident that everyone will do their job, but do not expect perfection.. It’s a wedding ceremony, not a one act play! As always the most important thing is for the bride and groom to concentrate on the love and commitment they are giving to one another. That is what will make the day perfect, no matter what else happens.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Stories From Toasts to Photographs

I ran across some wedding stories that appeared on National Public Radio. These wedding stories remind me how important it is for the wedding couple to know, that in a good marriage, each person has to sacrifice there own desires and wants to the needs of the other spouse. Marriage is a commitment that requires equal sacrifice, but remember not to rely too much on logic or common sense, but just know that you both need to meet the needs of each other whether you think the other person is being reasonable or not.

For a link to the National Public Radio wedding stories click on Wedding Stories Worth Remembering and remember that your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion where love should abound.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheap Wedding Favors To Help Your Budget

In these economic times it makes sense to look for cheap but still high quality wedding favors. There are many beautiful wedding favors that come in many styles and themes that can project your personality and provide a nice gift for your wedding guests, but can be bought at a large discount.

Most wedding favors can be bought with a quantity discount or that are on sale. If you buy from a wedding website that specializes in wedding favors you can usually trust that you will receive high quality, good service and get a great deal.

Check out this article from CNN Money, Wedding gift idea: An hour with a financial planner for a good article to make you think about your future money management.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Outdoor Summer Wedding Safety Tips

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding then you want to make sure everything goes right. You make plans for various contingenies, like finding a backup site if it rains, number of chairs and electrical power needs. But you should also consider all the outdoors safety tips for any outdoor summer event. The federal government's U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a good article titled, "Primer on Summer Safety" that would be good reading before planning any outdoor summer occasion. To read the article Click Here. It contains tips on things like sunburn, insect bites, heat illnesses and preventing foodborne illnesses.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Duties For Children In Your Wedding

The duties most obvious for children are as a ring bearer and as a flower girl, but children may also be junior bridesmaids or candle lighters. When planning a wedding be very careful with children under the age of four. It is hard for them to understand exactly what is expected of them and they can easily become confused.

Flower girls and ring bearers are usually four to eight years of age and will go before the bride down the aisle, just after the maid or matron of honor. You may have two flower girls if you have two young ladies in your life that would enjoy the honor of doing this. Ring bearers are usually boys, but may be a girl. The ring bearer may enter with the flower girl or walk just ahead of her. Both the ring bearer and the flower girl(s) will stand with the honor attendants (maid or matron of honor and best man) during the ceremony making a beautiful picture. Find more wedding tips at Wedding Articles.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Tips For Thank You Notes

It is very important to be gracious and thank all those involved in the celebration of your wedding. Guests and family come together to rejoice in the commitment of two people in holy matrimony. Their wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts and time devoted to your wedding deserves your personal recognition. You may thank them in person, but it is also necessary to send a handwritten note of thanks.

Thank you notes for bridal showers should be sent within ten days of the event. Ideally, wedding gifts received at the ceremony should be acknowledged in two to four weeks. If taking a honeymoon, then two to four weeks after returning from the honeymoon. If the guest list was lengthy then it may take longer. If a wedding gift is received prior to the ceremony, a thank you note should be sent immediately so that the person giving the gift knows it was received in a timely manner. If you receive two gifts on different occasions do not send one thank you note for two gifts. For example, if you receive a shower gift and later a wedding gift, each gift should receive a separate thank you note.

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