Friday, July 03, 2009

Tips For Thank You Notes

It is very important to be gracious and thank all those involved in the celebration of your wedding. Guests and family come together to rejoice in the commitment of two people in holy matrimony. Their wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts and time devoted to your wedding deserves your personal recognition. You may thank them in person, but it is also necessary to send a handwritten note of thanks.

Thank you notes for bridal showers should be sent within ten days of the event. Ideally, wedding gifts received at the ceremony should be acknowledged in two to four weeks. If taking a honeymoon, then two to four weeks after returning from the honeymoon. If the guest list was lengthy then it may take longer. If a wedding gift is received prior to the ceremony, a thank you note should be sent immediately so that the person giving the gift knows it was received in a timely manner. If you receive two gifts on different occasions do not send one thank you note for two gifts. For example, if you receive a shower gift and later a wedding gift, each gift should receive a separate thank you note.

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