Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bridal Shower Favorites: Fun, Games and Jewelry provided this information about some bridal shower favorites.

Are you planning a bridal shower for your soon-to-be wed friend? This is an exciting time for her, and doing a party can be a great way for everyone to join in the fun. Most bridal showers are themed to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, a theme that matches the personality of the bridal couple. This can be such a good time and even be exciting for all the girls there as they dream about their own wedding. The party can be a surprise, but you should think about the wedding favors and how some of the favors can also help set the stage for the wedding event. You can even make use of a diamond jewelry motif for fun party decorations. If your bride doesn't mind some suggestions, you can coordinate the bridal shower favors with the bridesmaid gifts later. This can help the bride keep all her bridesmaids happy during the planning and execution of the wedding.

Fun and Games

To set the mood for the party, anything from happiness to frivolity, you start with the food and drinks. Then add the decorations. Themed napkins, plates, and even napkin holders are a great idea. The decorations can take on an elegant charm or be as cute and dazzling as an over-sized, fake, diamond solitaire ring napkin holder. Games can be Bridesmaid Bingo or any other newly revamped game to herald the coming occasion. With good food, lots of pictures, and mementos of the bride's old life, a bridal shower can be a time to reminisce and laugh with the girls.


Party favors can include anything from jewelry boxes to heart-shaped key chains, pendants, and mementos. If your bride intends on giving out bridal jewelry to her bridesmaids, then having party favors of small heart-shaped jewelry boxes that can hold a picture of the happy couple is a great way to anticipate the potential of getting jewelry later. It builds up the drama and excitement of the event and can set tongues a wagging as they wonder what might end up in those little boxes later. This adds a bit of mystery and anticipation for the members of the bridal party, which will help to make the bride’s wedding unique and memorable.