Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Plan A Wedding

The best way to plan for a wedding is to make use of all the resources that are available to you. The first week or weeks of your engagement will be one of the most happy, exciting, and thrilling days of your life thinking about your wedding that you will ever experience. However, once those first few weeks have ended, you will start to have an overwhelming feeling of the wedding plans falling on your shoulders and you are just not sure what should be done first. You are not alone, every bride has this feeling. I’ve been there myself and hopefully the following tips will help you become a well prepared and organized bride.

With a million ideas and plans rolling through your mind as a bride to be, which is completely natural, it is a good idea to simply keep a list and/or book of all of these ideas you think of. This will help the wedding planning experience to go that much more smoothly. And you will thank yourself in the end as well.

Start by writing out your thoughts, ideas, wants and the things that have made an impression on you. During those first few weeks you will throw yourself into wedding mode, wedding shows and magazines will become your favorite things to watch and read, which will help give you wonderful ideas for every aspect of your wedding.

Of course there are many wonderful resources on the Internet to help you with your Wedding Planning but there are also other resources that you may want. Bookstores carry a wide variety of wedding planning books that will help you with making a checklist of tasks that are necessary to do. Many books have a fill in the blank checklist for you to use. It is to your advantage to become as educated as you can on wedding cakes, wedding flowers, wedding gowns, duties of your bridesmaids and all other aspects of your wedding. You can also check the local library for books on wedding planning. Sit down and while your read the book make notes on ideas and tasks that your would like to accomplish. Allow plenty of time to accomplish all of your tasks.

Another way you can stay organized and create your plan is to use your computer. Most word processing programs have templates for planning calendars or events, or tasks that you can use. These will have the outline for you to fill in the tasks that you need to keep track of. Your wedding is such a wonderful time in your life, please help yourself out and stay organized and you will be amazed at how beautiful your wedding can be with a little time and effort.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Flower Tips

Wedding Flowers can be a very exciting part of your wedding, but also expensive. It is hard to make the right decisions regarding what type of flowers you should use and how to save money on flowers to fit into your budget. It is a big decision on whether you should use real flowers or silk flowers because there are advantages and disadvantages of each. There is much to learn about flowers, working with florists, the bouquets and flower arrangements.

Please read Weddings Flowers "The Good and the Bad" to find excellent tips on the advantages and disadvantage of real flowers or silk flowers in your wedding and some cost saving ideas. Your wedding can have beautiful flowers without spending a fortune if you use a few practical and cost saving tips.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cost Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day

Every bride will agree that the budget can be one of the most challenging things about their wedding experience. We all have dreamed since girlhood that our wedding day will look like one right out of a magazine! You know, the perfect ceremony with the gorgeous gown, unforgettable shoes, beautiful jewelry, the amazing make-up and hair job, and don’t forget the most wonderful bouquet of flowers. But for most of us, those dreams are shattered when the reality of how much it is going to cost sets in. Well I just wanted to share with you some cost saving tips that I have learned along the way. As a bride, you will have so many decisions to make, from where to have your ceremony, to which cake out of ten you like best. So whether you have a five thousand dollar budget or thirty- thousand dollar budget there are ways to cut cost and keep your dreams alive. I hope some of these suggestions and tips will help to make your wedding affordable and create a practical way to have that perfect wedding you dreamed about. Please check out my website Weddings Are Fun for discounts on many wedding products.

First of all, wedding coordinators can be one of the biggest savings you make in your wedding planning experience. You’re probably thinking, “no way, they only cost that much more!” But you have to realize wedding coordinators have connections. They have relationships with vendors they trust and discounts with those vendors just for referring and using them. This allows you to get fifteen to twenty percent off, where you would have paid full price, say for example on your reception site. Trust me, in the long run, every percentage counts. If you decide to go with a wedding coordinator, be sure to ask questions about her connections and if she has any that would benefit you. If wedding coordinators aren’t in your budget at all, you can still come across some areas to save when renting a venue or dealing with any rental company. Venues and rental companies will give you a cheaper price if you get married Sunday through Thursday. Flexibility will go far in the wedding industry with getting what you want; when you give a little you get a little.

Don’t give up everything you’ve ever wanted though! Let’s talk about the gown. The gown is what sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. I worked at a bridal salon as a consultant selling wedding gowns and I loved seeing the brides come out in their gowns with their glowing faces. But the thing I heard the most about was how expensive the gown was or how she wanted to personalize it more and didn’t know how. That got me thinking and I stumbled on a few good ways to achieve the look they had dreamed of! There are many websites that have gowns for a lower price. Buying a gown that is lower in price and more simple than what you wanted, will allow you to add a lace bodice piece, colored ribbon around your waist, or a simple broach to personalize it. Also, many bridal stores offer benefits if you buy your gown with them, so check those out to see if there are any benefits for bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, or even groomsmen and ring bearers.

Another item that will eat into your budget are flowers. Flowers are expensive, that is just a fact. However, you can find some ways to save if you’re creative. For example, order fresh flowers in bulk and have your bridesmaids put together their own bouquets. If you’re using silk flowers watch for sales at your local craft stores - they’ll usually have wedding sales at least two times a year. Florists can also be extremely expensive. To break up the price a little, use your florist only for your bridal party flower needs and do the arrangements in silk flowers - your guests will never know!

There are so many cost saving tips that many of us need help on. I just named a few that hopefully will help some of you brides and remember to check out my future articles for more specific tips. Having a wedding is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have in your life. Have fun, enjoy your time, and be wise with the money you have been given. You will be glad you didn’t spend a fortune in the end, and you will still have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. See Wedding Party Gifts for great gifts ideas for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cheap Wedding Ideas

Weddings are one of the most important life events and which are the sacred beginning of a new family unit. Your wedding is a wonderful experience that you want to celebrate, but it does not have to be real expensive. There are ways to hold down the costs.

It is important that you start early to plan your wedding, as soon as you know the wedding date. By staring early and making a checklist of you wedding plans, you can then start to prioritize what is most important to you and what items you may be able to eliminate or cut back on. Then prepare your budget and start doing research on where you can find your wedding supplies and services at the most reasonable price. Doing research and finding reputable online vendors can save you money. Careful shopping can stretch your budget.

You can find many wonderful wedding gowns and wedding rings that are not designer names. Weddings can be of every style and theme from traditional to modern and can be personalized any way you want. Wedding dresses can be of any style and you may be able to find the right dress from a department store or on You may find a simple dress that you can alter or add to that will make a beautiful dress. Engagement and wedding rings do not need to be from designer names and you can save money by buying them together as a set, (including his band).

Think about the guest list and what is necessary for the ceremony, reception, services, food and drink. The reception can be held in a home or at a park to cut down on costs. Plan early, decide on your theme and what is most important and make your wedding your own personalized style and it does not have to be extravagant. It is celebrating the commitment of a new life together that matters!

See Cheap Chic Weddings for more wedding tips on saving money. See Cheap Wedding Favor ideas for nice gifts that won't break the budget.

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