Thursday, June 28, 2012

Planning a Formal Beach Wedding

When planning a beach wedding, you can either go casual or formal.  Here are some ideas for a formal seaside ceremony.

Invitations – Invitations are guests’ first impression about your wedding, so use the style to set the tone. For example, this invitationshown on Martha Stewart Weddings has a formal look with a fancy script font and gold writing, but the shell at the top adds the seashore theme.
Chairs for Guests – During casual beach weddings, guests typically stand during the ceremony. Having chairs at your beach wedding is not only a convenience for the guests, but adds a more formal flair by creating an aisle.
Coral Bottle Stopper Favor – This coral-looking bottlestopper favor immediately adds class to your reception. The shiny metal and white color scheme are timeless.
Your beach wedding should reflect your personal style. If you consider yourself traditional, a formal beach ceremony can blend the appeal of the ocean with time honored wedding style.

Monday, June 25, 2012

July 4th Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a summer wedding, Independence Day is a patriotic and unique theme. Whether you have your ceremony on July 4th or just around the holiday, an American theme is an obvious choice. Here are some ways to incorporate some red, white and blue into your wedding.

Color Scheme – Red, white and blue is a fresh and bold choice for a wedding. Style Me Pretty shows bridesmaids wearing both red and navy dresses for a casual wedding.

Favors – The British love their tea, but Americans can’t resist a coffee based drink. These cappuccino wedding favors, with an American flag on the front, make a great favor for your guests.

Signature Drink – Martha Stewart’s Berry Spritzer, with its patriotic fruit garnish, is a refreshing way to serve sparkling wine.
Cake – While you can go all out with a flag or stars and striped themed cake, this cake shown by United with Love, adds simple touchesof red and white to the traditional white cake using berries. Very classy!
For a summer wedding, an Independence Day or Americana theme may be an obvious choice, but it doesn’t have to be predictable or boring if you use these ideas.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Weddings: Ideas for Helping Guests Beat the Heat

When your wedding guests RSVPed to your beach wedding, they were probably thinking about enjoying a shore getaway. They may come dressed in strappy sundresses or a breezy linen suit, but are they prepared to beat the heat? Help keep your guests comfortable so they can enjoy your celebration. Here are some ideas for having happy guests.

Water – Warm salt water breezes can be surprisingly dehydrating. Add in heat, and you have an environment ripe for health problems. Provide guests with fresh, cold water to sip on to stay hydrated. Buy inexpensive water bottles in bulk at the grocery or big box store and then personalize them with these fun labels from Inspire the Bride.
Program Fans – Keep important ceremony information at your guests’ fingertips while these practical DIY program fans. In addition to the important details, attendees can create some moving air to help relieve the heat. Intimate Weddings takes the program fans a step further by providing guests with a fun activity on the back.
Flip Flop Favors – For guests that arrive in dress shoes, why not offer a complimentary pair of flip flops for them to wear on the beach, and later on the dance floor? Let the ladies get out of their heat trapping pantyhose and men out of their insulating socks to let their toes breathe. Jubilee Events shows some presentation ideas for the flip flops.
Carry the flip flop theme throughout the wedding with personalized sandals for the bride and bridal party, available here: Wedding Flip Flops.
Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in keeping them cool during your beach wedding.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Creative Groomsmen Attire

Bridesmaids gather in a suite to do their make-up, hair, and put on fancy dresses. Groomsmen shower, shave and put on a rented tux. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Here’s a secret: guys like to be spoiled and feel special, too. Spice up the attire for the groomsmen with some of these creative ideas.

Golf Tee Boutonniere – If the groom is an avid golfer, these golf tee boutonnieres are whimsical and easy to make. Better yet, the supplies are inexpensive. 

Groomsmen Socks – A gift idea for the groomsmen, these special socks let the guys know their role in the wedding is appreciated. A fun photo opportunity is to have the groomsmen show their socks.

Cufflinks – Cufflinks are something every man needs, but few have. DIY Scrabble tile cufflinks can per personalized for each groomsmen. For another DIY cufflink idea, see Groomsmen Gift Ideas.

DIY Groomsmen Ties – Some may wear their hearts on their sleeves, but here’s a project where the groomsmen wear hearts on their ties. These personalized ties show extra effort, but because the heart is on the back of the tie it is subtle. 

Help take groomsmen attire from boring to unique with these ideas.